• Prison Break Group Experience

    This intensive 12 Week 'Prison Break Blueprint' experience positions its participants to receive group support that catapuls them by breathing joy and peace into their lives!


Experience the captivating presence of speaker Allison, a true catalyst for success. Through her engaging, thought-provoking, and empowering programming, she leaves her audience members with a heightened sense of awareness and tangible, proactive steps towards their goals. Join this transformative journey, tailored exclusively for professional women, and unlock your full potential. Discover the power within you to reach new heights and create a life filled with fulfillment and accomplishment, guided by Allison's expertise and passion.

Complementary Breakthrough Discovery Session

Get ready to embark on a life changing adventure with Allison where her powerful discovery session awaits. This empowering experience is designed to help you unlock your true potential and embrace the extraordinary possibilities that lie within you. Guided by Allison’s expertise and passion, you’ll delve deep to self-discovery and gain invaluable insights.


Are you a high-achieving professional woman seeking guidance, advice, and strategies for unparalleled success? Look no further than Allison, renowned as America's leading Prison Break Coach. With her expertise as an NLP Practitioner, Certified Personality Evaluator, and Behavior Interventionist specifically catering to women, she comprehends the unique challenges you face. Say goodbye to obstacles holding you back and unlock the key to crafting a life you truly adore with Allison's proven Breakthrough What’s Blocking You program.


Professional Women Over 40: Breakthrough and Unlock Your Extraordinary Potential!

We believe that every woman, regardless of her past or circumstances, deserves to live the life of her dreams. If you are a high achieving woman who refuses to be defined by your history and is hungry for personal and professional success, we have a transformative opportunity tailored specifically for you…..and it won’t take years of therapy.

Imagine a life where setbacks are merely steppingstones, and your resilience becomes your greatest asset. We understand the unique challenges you may have faced on your journey, and we are here to guide you towards a future of limitless possibilities.

As someone who has personally triumphed over adversity, I know what it takes to rewrite your story and achieve greatness. From a troubled upbringing, marked by abuse, addiction, and crime, I found my own path to redemption. With unwavering determination and a refusal to let my past define me, I reclaimed my inner strength and purpose. Today, as a published author, TEDx speaker, and entrepreneur, I have built a thriving business, Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa, operating in several US Markets.

Through my own prison break, I developed The Prison Break Success System©, a powerful framework that empowers women to break free from their mental prisons and experience true freedom in all areas of life. I specialize in working with professional women who have faced life's setbacks and help them unleash their full potential, both personally and professionally.

Join our community of professional women over 40 who refuse to let circumstances hold them back. Together, we will redefine success, transcend limitations, and create a life of abundance and fulfillment. We understand the importance of work-life balance and the unique path of entrepreneurship. By combining practical strategies with a focus on spiritual, relational, professional, and emotional growth, we will help you soar to new heights.

Are you ready to break free from your mental prison and embrace the extraordinary woman within? Join us on this empowering journey of personal and professional transformation. Your dreams are within reach, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Together, we will rewrite your narrative and inspire countless others to do the same. Your potential is limitless – it's time to claim it and live the life you deserve.