Break Free Mastery Program

Are you ready to turn your life into one you are in awe of; one where you embrace your POWER, and experience the dream life you love and be EXTRAORDINARY?


want to WAKEUP your deepest desires, be LIBERATED from your past limitations that are no longer serving you, INCREASE your self confidence by learning to LOVE, experience more JOY and PEACE in your life, HEAL a relationship, or make PEACE with a painful experience.

 feel frustrated because you are not clear how to get started with creating the life of her dreams. You may be in transition, recovering from a divorce, job change/unemployment, suffering the loss of a loved one or some other life setback.

experience some level of success in your professional life but you are a public success battling private failure

lack financial discipline, experiencing an unhealthy relationship, or have challenges with family dynamics.

have been focused for many years on your dreams and aspirations but still not producing based on your vision. Unfortunately, it's still just a dream you have at night.

feel the needs to make a difference in the world, and while the job pays the bills, you want to transition into the business or idea that keeps you awake at night.

have thought about coaching but haven't had the budget (or the guts) to do it yet? Here's your opportunity!

If you've identified with any (or all) of these things above, then you're in the right place. 'Prison Break' will challenge you to UNCOVER the core issues that block you. It’s designed to turn your life into one you are in awe of; one where you embrace your POWER, and experience the dream life you love. EXTRAORDINARY!

Now Listen ladies: it doesn't have to be so hard! It's simple

Your Prison Break is waiting for you. Your Extraordinary Life IS available to you once you do something you have never done.

A few years ago, everything about my life changed literally overnight. I thought my life was going great. I had a great life, wonderful husband, sweet kids and not a care in the I thought. My husband, the sole provider of the household, decided to have an affair and he no longer wanted to be married. He closed the checking account, took my name off of all the utilities, changed his phone number, left me with HIS son (we didn't have children together but had custody of his son from a previous relationship) and went on to live his life like a single man. I had lost any control I thought I had over my life, circumstances and Lord knows my emotions. I had a part time job, no money in the bank, bad credit, now responsible for 3 children and every bill in the house. I had bright ideas but no plans for the future. After all, I had previously been declared a habitual offender, was on parole and had several felonies. When I met my husband he became my saving grace and my knight in shining I thought.

Pretty sad. Sounds like I was destined to fail......again. Right? I know.

It took a lot of work to rebuild my life; even through the tears I did it in record time. I had a $480 paycheck coming from my part time job the next week and the rent was $1250 alone. But I did it. Do you know what the first step was?

Making a decision.

I had to decide what I was going to do. Was I going to keep telling the same ole sob story about how 'he left me'?; or was I going to take my life back!

The moment I decided to no longer be a victim and allow my circumstances to dictate my quality of life was the moment things started to unfold and turn around for me. I went from preparing to pack up my house and move to a little apartment I could "afford" to thinking "why should I have to leave?....this separation wasn't my choice. I AM staying in my house!"

They say money can't buy happiness, but Ive been broke and I'm a witness that having money is better. I went from feeling totally broke, depressed and lost, to being the happiest I have ever been in my life.

So if you're feeling lost, stuck, like life is unfair, depressed or just pain miserable, just know that everything can change. Even if EVERYTHING that happened to you is your own fault or you messed up. Your mistakes don't matter.

You've just got to make a decision.

I know I was in prison and I have had my fare share of crime but think of me as your legal partner-in-crime, your co-defendant, your cell mate/BFF who tells it to you straight up. Like the judge told me the day I got sentenced to 7 years.

Today I am the judge and I sentence you to be unstoppable. I sentence you to the destination of the Extraordinary Life that you deserve regardless of where you have been!

During the next 90 days we will:

learn how to identify your concept of self and no longer identify yourself by what you do~Uncover the core issues that block you and keep you stuck~How to make opposition your ally~Create a mission statement for your life to claim the impact you want to make~Develop a plan to begin to implement intentions to start immediately attracting more of what you want~Take that vacation~go back to school~dump that loser so-called boyfriend~make more time for yourself~commit to working out~invest in your self~or whatever else you need to do to take back your life!

You will break free from your mental prison, so you can experience true freedom, spiritually, relationally, professionally and emotionally.

Things you need to know:

 - YOU define or redefine your own version of success

 - YOU decide what your "Extraordinary Life" looks like

 - YOU are responsible and ready to put in the work to make it happen

 So, are you ready to escape?
You are about to be released, walk out the gates and have your very own prison break. It's time to create the life you love.
Leave the handcuffs behind, the getaway car is waiting to take you to the Extraordinary Life you deserve!

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