When I wrote my first book I really had no intention of being an author or a speaker. It was written from the pages of my private journal entries. There was something powerful about that. Something so powerful about the release, the sharing, and the authenticity of admitting my life being exactly the way I wanted it unless I decided to create a new experience. I then would read those pages of my private stories describing what I went through, how I felt and how I viewed the world. Women would just cry and thank me for being transparent.

It was at that moment I knew this little girl from Jamaica, Queens had a story to tell. Everyone has a story, and while the story of being adopted, being abused, being abandoned, losing both parents as a teen, running away, having more addresses than I can count, drug dealers, abortions, bad checks, being a teen mom, being promiscuous, failed relationships and eventually given a 7 year prison sentence is quite compelling, the real gem in the journey was in creating a way out and sharing with others the way. It is the story of rising from being the least likely to succeed to becoming the CEO of my own company, getting to travel the globe and changing lives along the way; The Breaking Free.

Whether I'm standing before audiences of celebrity status, professional corporate women, top executives, social workers, teachers, judges, prison staff, women in transition, disadvantaged youth or women behind bars, I realize we ALL want the same thing. Freedom.

Invite me to share with you how to experience true freedom personally, professionally, financially, and emotionally to live an EXTRAORDINARY life!

I LOVE Sharing...

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