When I wrote my first book, I never imagined that I would become an author or a speaker. It started as a collection of my private journal entries. There was something incredibly powerful about that—about releasing, sharing, and embracing the authenticity of my life exactly as it was, while also recognizing the power to create new experiences. As I read those pages aloud, describing my journey, my emotions, and my perspective on the world, women would often cry and thank me for my transparency.

In that moment, I realized that this little girl from Jamaica, Queens had a mission and purpose. We all have stories, and while mine, filled with adoption, abuse, abandonment, loss, homelessness, encounters with drug dealers, financial struggles, teenage motherhood, promiscuity, failed relationships, and a seven-year prison sentence, is undeniably compelling, the true essence of my journey lies in finding a way out and sharing that path with others. It's a story of transforming from being the least likely to succeed to becoming the CEO of my own company, traveling the world, and impacting lives along the way—an extraordinary breakthrough.

Whether I'm standing before audiences of celebrities, professional corporate women, top executives, social workers, teachers, judges, women in transition, disadvantaged youth, or women behind bars, I've come to realize that we all desire the same thing: freedom to live our 'impossible’ dream.

Invite me to share with you the keys to experiencing true personal, professional, financial, and emotional freedom—a life that is nothing short of extraordinary!

I absolutely love sharing... because when we share, we uplift, inspire, and empower one another. Together, we can make a profound impact on the world. Let's embark on this incredible journey towards liberation and fulfillment, hand in hand.